In addition to our production line in Asia, we have our plant in Bogotá-Colombia, specializing in the production of solid wood furniture, agglomerate and upholstery with cutting-edge technology, Italian and have an annual manufacturing capacity of 50,000 pieces of furniture per year.

This step is the continuation of our commitment to customers, to offer a product of excellent quality in the time required.

With this integration, we can be flexible both in the management of the designs to be produced, as well as in the response capacity in the manufacture of these designs.

The outdoor furniture plant is located in Guandong, China. LETTO’s Outdoor division is located within the factory (area 34.760 m2 or 374,153 sq ft), overseeing day to day our production. Several leading European companies have their production in this same factory.

All our hand-woven furniture maintain the classic style of  wicker pieces, but with the added benefit of being weatherproof. In addition, because all the pieces are hand-woven, each item is completely original, as unique as the person who wove it. All our furniture fabrics are made with German synthetic fibers of the highest quality known as durable polyethylene (also commonly called synthetic rattan or PE rattan). Unlike most manufacturers who usually use materials without UV protections and anti-crack, our rattans comply with RoHS  Directive and pass rigorous tests on UV protection, stretching, breaking and waterproofing. With minimal regular care, you will be able to enjoy our furniture for many years. We use the best raw material in the world.